Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine You've heard of hybrid cars, but now is the time for the Hybrid Sex Machine! With no electrical components and made of earth-friendly wood and steel, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid is a silent sex machine that gives you exactly what you want!

Build your own sex dildo rocker with Funky Rocker™ Design Plans

The Pussy Snorkel allows one to continue breathing while performing oral sex on a woman in a spa, bathtub or even a bowl of green Jell-O.

No Drip Honey dispenser

New gadget gauges hotness Unbelievable as it sounds, I finally found a mobile device with more applications than the iPhone.

Traveler's Closet – Closet-styled Suitcase so cool!!

Fast Folding Board Folders Organizer This Laundry and Shirt Easy Fold Folding Board keeps your clean and freshly ironed shirts looking tidy and free of wrinkles when folding them. Simple to use on shirts of all shapes and sizes the laundry accessory will help you maintain neat and organized dresser drawers and closet shelves.

Gizmon iCA iPhone 4/s Case - The ultimate iPhone case is finally here! Capturing the look and feel of a vintage camera, the iCA iPhone case turns your phone into the camera it always dreamed of being. With iPhone photography growing everyday, why not ditch the point and shoot and just use your phone? Constructed of super tough Polycarbonate, the case surrounds your phone and comes with two mock 'lenses' that attach to the front. A detachable tripod mount is great for longer exposures and the...

The Scrubba (portable washing machine) | Community Post: 10 Cool Tech Gadgets For Travel That You Can Purchase

Ninja Fighting Chopsticks The work as regular chopsticks until you danger arises. Then, they quickly become a ninja chopstick holding his/her ninja staff – ready for action.

Click here to find out more! GoPad Tablet Cradle Lets You Wear Your iPad Around Your Neck

Remington RM0612P 6-Inch 6-Amp Branch Wizard Electric Pruning Pole Saw>>>>>Tame that tree with Remington's Branch Wizard electric pole pruner. At a mere 6-1/2 pounds, it weighs up to 50 percent less than manual pole pruners. Powered by a hearty 6 Amp motor, the saw can cut branches up to 6 inches thick, while its nearly 7-foot-long fiberglass pole offers plenty of reach. Operation is quick and easy, as is trimming in tight spaces. Other features include a...

Chinese ATV Body Fender - 1 piece - Red with Black - Trail Utility

Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun The best way to get rid of nasty, annoying bugs

What is this crazy, waterless washing machine concept? - The Orbit is a concept washing machine that uses no water and cleans clothes with dry ice in a matter of minutes. Is it too good to be true?

Coffee Grinder Makes a killer cup of coffee...

Potato Barrel, isn't that clever