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Creamy orange "Push Up" popsicle! I would get these at the drive-in or from the ice cream man.

Orange Julius...loved them growing up but was slightly terrified to go into the one in Montgomery Mall b/c the decor was "hellish" right down to the devil w/ pitchfork and brimstone-like walls...what was that about??

Fiber optic wands. Got a few at Disneyland (doubt the sell them now), and wherever else someone would buy one for me. They never lasted, but I still thought they were awesome (simple mind)!

Home made ice cream.... Remember we had to sit on it when the ice cream got more forzen and they did not want want the dasher to raise up? YUM!

90's toy / game boy color I remember playing with tims original non color one. And was so excited when I got one of these

Screwball ice cream: vanilla ice cream with colored gumball in the bottom of the plastic cup

Miniluafrom Minilua

Guloseimas que nos deixam morrendo de saudade

Push Pop