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      Hints For Simple Fat Loss Losing fat shouldn’t be as hard as many people try to make it #fit #thin #6pack #weightloss #Fitness #health #loseweight #fitnessmotivation #weightlosstips #workout #roadtomillion

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      #makefithappen 2014 fitness motto

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      Every day should be an adventure! What will you do? #courage #inspiration #life #motivation #quote #quotes

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      inspirational quotes

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      Fit quote - - #myfitmotiv #fitness motivation #weight #loss #food #fitness #diet #gym #motivation

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      Motivation to Workout Hey Makers!  Remember, you don't have to wait for an awesome MakeMe Challenge to go live on MakeMe Challenges. You can create your very own customized challenge anytime, any day right here, group fitness challenges.MakeMe Challenges IS a great place to find public challenges and meet new people achieving the same #goals. And, it is a great tool to get ideas for launching your very own challenges. But, you can always get started on your own and motivate friends, ...

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    But you’re already planning tomorrow’s outfit in your head.

    Your outfit today is less than attractive, whoops.

    He doesn’t flex in the mirror (but you secretly wish he would—those pecs!).

    First you notice him at the squat rack. Oh my quads!

    Whether it’s your trainer or the new guy at the gym, we’ve all had a gym crush.

    You can choose to be happy no matter the circumstances and exercise is a great place to start.

    Little victories pave the way for big results.

    Remind yourself that you CAN do this.

    Schedule your workouts like you would important meetings. Bosses don’t cancel and later is not a time slot in your agenda.

    When you hit the wall during your workout.

    Let the words dictate the course your day is going to take.

    If nothing is motivating you to work out, these mantras from Nike Master Trainer Holly Rilinger will do the trick.

    Walking the next day? Not gonna happen.

    You dig out the GU hidden in your sports bra.

    Your post-run meal is being built into a feast.

    But you keep running. Wall=busted.

    The wall, the monkey on your back, whatever it’s called you’re there.

    Your playlist is no longer cutting it.

    You need to use the bathroom—there’s got to be a bathroom around here somewhere right?

    The first 5K you’re feeling good, feeling strong.

    Whether you’re training for a marathon or it’s just your Saturday routine, every runner knows the long run never REALLY gets easier.

    You retreat to the treadmill listening to Adele, “never mind I’ll find someone like you…”

    Sigh, we would have gotten SO many likes on Instagram. #fitcouple.