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Trillions for war but republicans cut unemployment insurance for those unemployed by wallstreet banking collapse. It's time to vote in 2014 and vote out republican corporate incompetence.

Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. one of my all time favorite quotes!!!

"Earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the Earth." / "La Terre n'appartient pas à l'homme. C'est l'homme qui appartient à la Terre." -Sitting Bull


I should break your face…

I like her. She's amazing.

I think as a society, we lack true goal. We believe so deeply that cheap happiness is what we should seek. The most petroleum, the most money, the best toys (at the cheapest prices), the best military. STOP. Stop and take a look around. We are not happy, and we are bringing every earth living entity with us.

"Where did all the fun people go?" I think we know the answer. // Jean Jullien #design #illustration