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Pot Lid Stand    Store dirty cooking spoons and hot pot lids on this rubber stand to keep your cooking efficient and your counter clean.    To buy: $15, animicausa.com.

6 Items to Simplify Your Life

Pot Lid Stand by Klipy is Ideal for holding your cooking spoon & hot pot lids of any shape & size while you are cooking. This and 4 more cool kitchen gadgets from Klipy will turn you Master Chef :-)

Node Electric Outlet.  Well, I never! Wow. So one can plug in, literally all of the way around that thingy?  Where have I been living that I haven't seen this before now!??

Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet

Plug in wherever you want to do...

Funny pictures about Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet. Also, Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet photos.

Goodbye, burnt toast. ✯ This CLEAR TOASTER toaster allows you to see it's doneness... best.invention.ever!  ✯

Transparent Toaster gives you clear view of bread's crispiness

Goodbye, burnt toast--clear toaster allows you to see when it's done - yes! a solution to the biggest problem of my life: burnt toast

why has it taken so long for this to be invented? my life would be so much easier...

I'm going to keep this list.I want a LOT of these things!For the girl who can't stay out of the kitchen. 50 useful kitchen gadgets you didn't know existed. There are some seriously cool things on here!

Great idea !..could color code cords and point of insertion w/ colored stickers and label correspondng receptical cord use.  Would make it really easy to move items for painting, etc.

Rotating 360 Sockets

Weight Machine cum Desk for vegetable cutting

Funny pictures about Awesome cutting board scale. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome cutting board scale. Also, Awesome cutting board scale.

Toast Saber…that would be awesome

Toast Saber…

Lightsaber knife, toasts the bread WHILE you cut it. First, who buys unsliced bread? Second, you always leave a half-toasted piece of bread behind. What if next time you just need bread?

Toast Messenger. Write notes on your toast!

10 Tantalizing Toaster Concepts

usb computer vacume:  over 1,000 pins /sabinaforbes2/dollhouse-miniatures/

Eraser shavings, food crumbs, and whatever else there could be - USB Desk Vacuum cleaner - cool office gadgets

Shoelace multifunctional phone accessory- becomes cord storage, cable tie, phone stand, ear bud holder etc.

Pineapple corer. Wish I had one of these a couple years ago, then I wouldn't have gone to urgent care for stitches.

Pineapple corer would make my life easier! at least when cutting pineapple :)

Love Fresh Cherrys hate the Pits !!!!Cherry Pitter- have this! But I got mine at bed bath and beyond!

Cherry and Olive Pitter: This time saving tool makes pitting cherries and olives easy while the fruit remains whole. Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools 17


Multi-blade knife to quickly slice and dice onions, cut leek, celery etc. MUST HAVE in the kitchen!