Tutorial - How to Make a Recycled Pet Food Bag Tote

Feed Sack Bag Tutorial to get square bottom // deer corn feed sack feed bag-- DID it! Awesome! Saw them at craft fairs for $10...which is about half the cost of the feed anyway. I've got chickies to feed, so might as well use the sacks when they are empty.

Aha! The top part of Carharts never wear out...

Chicken feed bag

directions on how to make a groc bag from a chicken feed bag (could probably do thid with cat and dog food bags too)

recycled pet food purse/tote One pet food bag(or bag that describes an individuals likes). Mat Knife Scissors Recycled fabric for lining(I used an old sheet) Needles or sewing machine Thread Ribbon


Tote Bag Pattern

Old sweater into a pet bed. Sew arms together, then whip stitch bottom hem over the stuffed arms. stitch neck closed after final stuffing.

making tote bags out of plastic feed bags/ bird seed bags by http://www.instructables.com/id/Feed-Bag-Tote-Bag/ ...... I've been wanting to do this with the sturdy bird seed plastic woven bags, but didn't know where to start, this stepxstep instructions makes it easy and you have a very durable tote!

Make eco shopping bags from old t-shirts. ReFabulous... it's new again.: Easy DIY t-shirt tote

Recycled Feed Sack Pet Food Bag Tote Bag Tutorial. Recycle your birdseed or pet food bag into a terrific tote.

Might have to try this one!


Katie's perfect zipper ends! Source for zippers

DIY ~ How to make a tote bag that turns into a beach towel (with a pillow in it!). Involves some very basic sewing.

bucket tote

Recycle a large dog food bag and make a roomy tote. http://www.allfreecrafts.com/paper-crafts/recycled/dog-bag-tote/

Walker bags and accessories. Might can find one to adapt to the doggie stroller.

Traveling in Circles Tote - Free Tutorial by Bryan House Quilts