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This was so powerful! When my youth group girls went to the Bloom girls conference they did this. they brought out blank boards and painted these right on stage, and the whole time they had a song about Jesus dying for us in the background. Gave me goosebumps!

"Reassembling Our Brokenness" Lenten Mosaic Banner at St. John's UMC in Memphis - A collaborative art project, where church members, children, soup kitchen guests, and those involved in various mission areas painted on paper within a limited color palette, then the paper was punched into squares and rearranged, and taped together on the back with masking tape and duct tape.

Rusty bought 15 trash cans at Ikea (for $1.99 each) and drilled holes in the bottom. He then attached an Ikea lamp socket set inside of the trash cans ($4.99 per socket set). Then he hung the lamp sockets from the truss at random lengths. Each one has a trash can lamp has a 60-watt bulb inside and is wired to a dimmer. To add a little extra light he used six LED par cans on the sides of the truss to add color. The total cost for the set was $105.

Biblia interactiva. Este es mi cuerpo que será entregado (clavar clavos) y Esta es mi sangre que será derramada. (Echarla sobre un plato)