Wren's Gate

Zinnia Queen Red Lime--Another pinner: love this color with the queen annes lace. I hope I can plant these in our hot weather.

Zinnia tequila lime

When we moved to Red Gate Farm, the first flowers I grew from seed were Zinnias. They're pretty easy to grow from seed and we had a great f.

Zinnia, Queen Red Lime, , large

Zinnia, Queen Red Lime by burpee: Exotic bicolor zinnia! - must plant this spring. I love zinnias!

Uproar Rose hybrid Zinnia:

Zinnia elegans 'Uproar Rose's care, zone, propagation and heat tolerance information along with photographs.

Rain Drops on Poppies

This is a definite someday! I miss poppies Papaver Princess Victoria Louise. Had these 20 years ago befor my yard got so shaded. Going to start a sun garden this year and have to remember how much I love these interplanted with Iris.

Pequeñas obras de arte que nos regala la naturaleza.

Pink Astrantias - prefer shade and grow in zones - Ht. depends on the species - Slugs don't like Astrantias so inter-planting them among your other shade plants tends to repel them.

Southern Charm Verbascum  // Great Gardens & Ideas //Genus: Verbascum  Plant Lists: Easy Reseeders, Drought Tolerant, Deer Resistant, Wild Life, Hot and Dry Climates, Long Blooming, Clay Tolerant, Bee Plants, Summer bloomers  Plant Type: Flowering, 2 to 2.5 ft tall,

Verbascum hybrid Southern Charm super simple to grow almost everblooming. If you cut back spent spikes it continuously sends up new ones tall is elegant with single blooms of either chamois, dusty rose or apricot, with fuzzy, purple eyes.

This is kent oregano. It's not only a wonderful herb but also a favorite of hummingbirds. Looks interesting for next year garden.

Kent oregano is a perennial herb that is drought tolerant and a favorite of hummingbirds. It has aromatic foliage and blooms pink or lilac flowers late spring-early fall.It prefers full sun-part shade and grows tall. Used in borders, containers



suach a wonderful flowers!

Beautiful flowers - My Garden

There are a lot of green varieties, not sure which one this is. Zones 3 - Knock out!

ZINNIAS- Cutting, care and collecting seeds for a summer of happy blooms every year! NOW IS THE TIME TO DO THIS!!!