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Clear, clean blue water. What a great way to start your morning after a good nights sleep. Exercise is known to improve sleep and overall health. #bettersleep @nivanasleep

Isn't this amazing?? One of the more beautiful Milky Way photos I've seen. This one is taken over the two small towns of Gerlach and Empire, Nevada.

Swimmable Skybridge, Bishan Central Condominium, Singapore

If you're walking on the street and feel some drips of water, don't look up. Unless you want to see me and LIz making sweet love in our balcony pool.

GAH! that dress & scene Taylor Swift - southern charm, old soul, youthful yet wisdom beyond her years, vintage mixed with trendy, not afraid to be herself - puts it out there with her nerdiness, goofiness, heartbreak & all. Knows what and who to keep close to her heart, spiritual

Creative art installation by Leandro Erlich features what appears to be a real swimming pool with people walking beneath the surface of the water. To make the illusion, thin layer of water (only 10 cm deep) was suspended over glass. Below the glass, there is an empty room that visitors can enter. Fake swimming pools were installed at the PS1 Art Center in New Yorkand the 21st Century Art Museum in Kanazawa, Japan.

so beautiful, but i will admire you from a distance

Draped Grecian Dress: Features a beautiful one-shoulder design with glittering gemstone embellishments trailing the neckline, pleated chiffon overlay wrapped around the left side of the dress, and a form-fitting white base to finish.

I'm in love with this dress!!! --Bisous Chic: Love and Feathers #style

Queretaro - Mexico.....Full plumage headrest -- Did you know: the Inca required these fancy tail feathers as a tribute? they would collect the feathers off the ground, where they fell after mating season was over. Unfortunately, the Spaniards killed the birds to get the feathers. :-(

Ladakh--The Lost in Translation Dress $70 (SO OBSESSED!!!!)