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Whovian Confessions - i want the next doctor to be played by james or oliver phelps. i think they would be fantastic. <-- also finally ginger :)

Doctor Who Season 4 Easter Special!!! Why does Netflix not have this?!?!

50 years of Doctor Who in 50 screengrabs. Fantastic memories!

Call Me Maybe Parody "Doctor Who: Time Travel Maybe" A guide to being a companion

From the archives of the Timelords and Because of the Doctor

One of the best episodes of Doctor Who (Blink, obviously) and with it, one of the best quotes! (besides the "don't blink" speech of course ;)

when i saw his eyes, i screamed. twice. then I made dying whale noises, followed by suffocating piglet noises, followed by me completely losing control of my body and flailing around like some sort of dying fish. yeah, I think there might be something wrong with me....or maybe I just have a serious case of "fangirling".

Tenth Doctor: The Musical- This may be one of the greatest Doctor Who related things on the internet.