Explore Pumpkin Pies, Braces, and more!

Fall! <3 Favorite time of the year fall/winter <3

Brace yourselves Pumpkin flavored everything is coming Game of Thrones

Lol Mayhem Allstate...one of my fave commercials

"OMG, Becky's not even hot." My favorite Mayhem commercial!

Right now it's Sons of Anarchy...

This was the summer of Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and the end of Breaking Bad. Now, kid 1 and hubby are on Prison Break.

Justin Timberlake though <3

Funny Music Ecard: Justin Timberlake is making a comeback and Justin Beiber is finally at his breaking point. There can only be one Justin. True that

dating younger men quotes - Google Search

I think this one of the best eCards

hahahaha. Just don't tell anyone I said this, ok? It is the truth. I do have this love affair with food:)

Worst part of my meal

jajaja http://ibeebz.com

Kate Middleton and Prince William as Simba and Mufasa in The Lion King.

Haha maybe someone should! <3 her

haha, I like her but this is funny!

Thank you Jack Black. by alisha

Jack Black is a wizard

Talking on the phone to someone who has kids is like talking to someone with Tourettes.

I can only imagine what my phone calls sound like to the other person. "Yeah I'd love to go shopping--DON'T LICK THAT-- when do ya wanna meet up?

Cuddle, not shaving

"in the months ending in R" September, October, November, December (: (once january hits its usually my new years resolution to start shaving my legs again)

Just don't try so hard. Men don't want a high maintenance women... Hence why they fart & belch like they do.

Hunger Games humor, this cracks me up!

Heck yes...or just taking my jeans off period!

Goat Humor: Changing from jeans to pajama pants.

bon qui qui i will cut you - Google Search

bon qui qui i will cut you - Google Search

For fuck sakes Pinterest. Tell me when I've already pinned something. | Workplace Ecard | someecards.com

hahah yesss please!

Backed by a string quartet, I think it works...

Funny pictures about To thine window. Oh, and cool pics about To thine window. Also, To thine window.