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Happily Ever After - Disney Films, What Happened Next this is so great on so many levels

If Disney princesses actually had realistic hair... This is too amazing!

This girl is on fire

This girl is on fire

This girl is on fire

Concept art of Anastasia, with her Grand Mama. Dowager Empress Maria. Supposed to be a painting hanging in one of the smaller banquet halls of the Catherine Palace. - Twentieth Century Fox's motion picture "Anastasia" (1997) ( #movie #film #book #screen_capture #movie_still #fantasy #princess #russia

Disney Princesses as mermaids

from Playbuzz

The Test To Define Your Disney Personality

Who are you really according to Disney?

12 Disney Princess Tiaras And Crowns…

Brings back memories of when I was a younger me and had to sit RIGHT in front of the TV :) I still love the Swan Princess and her charming prince (even though he started out lame :P)

"Serves me right wishing on stars. The only way to get what you want is through hard work." - Tiana