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Jade container with a lid, griffin handles and dragons. Chinese writings on the body and lid. Western Zhou. 500 BC 12 "× 9"


Chine - Bhodisattva dynastie Jin

Bodhisattva Guanyin Dynastie Jin (2)

China - Handle-shaped ornament, Western Zhou dynasty (ca. 1046–771 BC), 10th–9th century BC. Jade (nephrite)

Sakura Fubuki - Shower of Cherry Blossoms (1940) “This is a Japanese Woodblock print postcard from around the 1940s, showing the back view of a Maiko girl (Apprentice Geisha) with the Ware-shinobu hairstyle, which is worn by junior Maiko during their initial period of training.”(source)

A ROMAN ALABASTER CINERARIUM CIRCA 1ST CENTURY A.D. The profiled foot, ovoid body, domed lid and piriform finial each separately sculpted, the body with twin voluted handles rising from leaf shaped handle-plates and merging with the flaring disk rim, the domed lid with two incised bands 19¾ in. (50.2 cm.) high

The Gayer-Anderson Cat" is an Ancient Egyptian statue of a cat made out of bronze, f664-332 BC. the British Museum.The statue is a representation of the cat-goddess Bastet.