A holy, sacred, house of God. If that isn't grounds for eternal damnation I don't know what is." "Gabriel try to relax. All the hailmarys in the world can't fix this.

Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Challenge Three. Blue Eyes, Gray, Eyes. {With Random Fridays and The Christmas Challenge.}

Creating Worlds Writing Camp: Challenge Three

piscina | by visionimiopi

empty swimming pool taken by Alessandro Crusco. This empty pool photo could be really explicit when talking about empty thins but I got something else in there, something more dramatic maybe because of the sky, which is a bit dark.

"Yeah, that's really welcoming and comforting." Fox scoffed as he gestured his head towards the tightly curled barbed wire fencing. The man next to him smirked before a blunt force rammed itself into the soft part of Fox's stomach forcing him to his knees. Pain blossomed from the point of impact and caused him to lift his head and give a chilling smile coated in red.

Deep in Psychoville, This Special fence is for your own Safety against All the Evils of the Outside World.

Need to add artist name later on!!!

Photo Manipulation & Collage / Surreal Digital Illustrations by Tebe Interesno

Car Parts, Contemporary Art, Advertising Design