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Perfection a grey fantail : David Kleinert Photography

Rusty-bellied Fantail (Rhipidura teysmanni)

Green (Guinea) Turaco. South Africa. Learned about this guy in ornithology. One of the few birds to have green microstructures. Most of the time, a green bird is created through blue microstructure of feathers and yellow pigments!

The Agami Heron with its iridescent colors is one of the most beautiful Herons in the world!

**Long-Tailed Broadbill: Himalayas, Southeast Asia, Indonesia

Peregrine Falcon, known as the fastest bird, attaining up to 200 mph in a stoop or dive...Photography by Vidular

Eastern Brown Pelican "Just Between You and Me" Craig O'Neal Photography

Kea Parrot, Fjordland National Park, Southland, NZ by Koji Sekiguchi

Leucistic peacock (Yep, they are real... not even terribly rare. We have a couple at work at Thanksgiving Point)