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Azurite is called the "stone of heaven." It aids in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities, enhances intuition, and is said to guide you to be accurate in depicting psychic experiences. It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily. It can enhance prophesy and divination. Azurite is said to help control energy flow and bring just the right amount of energy to any situation.

Azurite is a beautiful deep blue stone, known as the ‘stone of heaven’, stimulating the pursuit of one’s heavenly self, providing for guidance through the third eye, allowing for precise verbalization of one’s psychic experiences.

Geology In Utah 1993 (by Gord McKenna) or Something geological happened here...

Rapplee anticline, Mexican Hat - Geology In Utah 1993 (by Gord McKenna)

Wish Stones.  Back in 2nd grade, my best friend and I used to call these Lucky Rocks :)

Wish Stones. Back in grade, my best friend and I used to call these Lucky Rocks :)

Best Types of Rocks for a Rock Tumbler

If you read about the gem materials used for lapidary work and rock tumbling you will encounter three names over and over again. These are “agate”, “jasper” and “chalcedony”. These names are often misunderstood and often used incorrectly.

Neighborhood Rocks: Names for All Our Rocks...for bear elective on nature crafts

Neighborhood Rocks: Names for All Our Rocks. An amazing site that helps you identify rocks. Excellent resource for a rocks and minerals unit.

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Stone Aggregates Mobile Crusher and Mobile Screen Units on rent and for Sale…

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Puzzles That Rock - This puzzle constructs the state of Michigan using treasured local rocks, including the Petoskey stone-our State Rock!


A beautiful rock collection, I love collecting rocks on the beach and streams. It's the best souvenir!

Crystals for healthy weight

Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Weight Loss Top Recommended Crystals: Green Tourmaline, Seraphinite, or Blue Apatite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Kyanite or Citrine. Weight imbalances are associated with the Root chakra.

Colored gemstone wheel

Book of Shadows: Colored Gemstone Wheel. << I need this because one of my main characters happens to be a dragon boy and so obviously has an obsession with gems ;

Stone ID chart

List of Semi-Precious Stones semi precious go stones for the serious collector 180 stones per set .

Holy crap. I would LOVE to have this... Amazing Rainbow Agate. Photo: Pascal Petit on flickr  Geology Wonders

Fractal mineral space by Pascal Petit. Igneous rocks formed from lava flows of the Archaean era.