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  • Susan Hayes

    An attic turned into a home theater room! so cozy! (or can make it the tv room to reduce media time).

  • Anne Rigby

    attic space here, but love the colors and fabrics for a cozy theatre room in the basement

  • Shelby Davis

    I love this idea for an attic space. I had clients that were married and the husband wanted to do this and I think the wife's exact words went something like over my dead body. In her defense, I am not sure I would want to sleep belo are surround sound bounding media room either.

  • Cheri Higgins

    An attic turned into a home theater room.. Dream house!

  • Jennie Pillsbury

    Bonus Room turned into a home theater room!

  • Theresa Frisius

    Attic space turned movie room. :)

  • Jenna Dean

    An attic turned into a home theater room. i want to build my house with attic space like this for this purpose! BASICALLY WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH ALL MY OLD MOVIE THEATER STUFF!

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Attic home theater. Awesome! by Amluz

Attic Home Theater. This actually would have been excellent for my current house, if not for the chimney running up the back wall...

Attic theatre room (sound-proofing walls??) theatre room? I could live in this space!

Would love to have an Attic Home Theater like this in my home..very cool idea.

Attic theater room. I never did get my attic room, but this would be a great way to use one if I had it.

Attic theater. Awesome! Ok, so not everyone can DIY this one, but some of you out there have the skills, I'm sure. Oh, BTW, can I come over and watch movies after the build?

Awesome attic home theater