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  • Roxanne Sundberg

    My first boyband love...Hanson :) and it only too 12 years to make the dream of seeing them in concert come true :D

  • Brooke Reed

    Hanson Walk Around The World Tour Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA 2008

  • Kiki Greeky

    My mom said my "phase" would last six months. If 5/4/1997 was six months ago, I'd still be a chubby 13 year old with bushy eyebrows!

  • Laura Counts

    Favorite Childhood Band And Favorite Band Of All Time

  • Alison Wofford

    I have been in <3 with Hanson since 5th grade...that's 15 years!

  • nicole ruiz

    MMM BOP BABY! They were hot then and they are SUPER HOT now! ;) Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson, and they are hotter than the Jonas

  • Aubree Gibson

    Hanson. My first musical loves/crushes. My first CD I got when I was 5 and it was Hanson (their first one...think MmmBop(I knew every word!) etc.) and I wore that thing out. I remember being obsessed with Taylor...AND I still am. Their new stuff is still amazing and I am proud to say I've been a Hanson fan for 13 years and counting <3 OH, ANNND they're from Oklahoma. That's right<3 .

  • Faith Howell

    Oh, you guys have had my heart since 8th grade :)

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Bands makes us believe there is more to life then what society has put into our heads. This is our voice, our saving grace and our lifeline. That is what music is to me. A lifesaver.

Hanson. Yeah it's been 16 years of my life. But it has been the best time. The first song I truly loved was theirs.

Three days grace, papa roach, flyleaf, fall out boy, panic at the disco, asking Alexandria and of mice & men.

Hanson now. Definitely look a lot different than they did in the 90s. The music they put out now is kind of underrated in my opinion, because it's what pop should sound like to me. And these guys go out and just make pop fun and not annoying or overly sexual or whatever. Honestly...I'd definitely want to see them live, they're so talented.

My favorite band. I love them so much! They are incredible, talented, and the kindest guys you will ever meet!

My 3 favorite guys on the entire planet: Hanson

The 90s band Hanson is still playing #music today! We're looking for your memories with these #Oklahoma musicians from their last 20 years together. If you have photos, videos or stories, please click their picture to share them with us!

I got overly excited when I saw that the "source" for this photo was my own tumblr. :D

Kind of in love with them all. Great guys, great music. Hanson.

these guys are amazing. a fan from the beginning.