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    South Carolina is experiencing “historic” flooding as a consequence of Hurricane Joaquin, yet for the sharks swimming just off the coast, adverse weather is

    Are you helping or harming your puppy when you take him for a walk? The right kind of exercise will promote health, intelligence, and calmness in your puppy. The wrong kind of exercise may create behavioral and physical problems that can last a lifetime. Do you know the difference?

    Chris Mintz was gravely injured when he charged the UCC shooter to save his classmates, but his selflesness has been repaid by a $700k GoFundMe.

    The U.S. military said “there may have been collateral damage” to a medical facility in Kunduz. Doctors Without Borders said 19 were killed and dozens wounded.

    The Chris Mintz GoFundMe page set up in honor of the Roseburg hero, who charged at a shooter on Thursday and was shot seven times trying to save the lives of

    Just because hens are cage-free doesn't mean they're any happier.

    It appears that dozens of walruses were shot dead off the coast of Alaska, near Cape Lisburne. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service received an email,

    Modern house cats have retained the skills to hunt small critters, but have you ever wondered why your kitty often leaves prey right at your feet? Here's what may be behind the curious behavior.

    Canadian woman returns after fighting with Kurds against ISIL #KeepShining #Bohman!

    Chris Matthews Grills Fiorina for Calling Hillary a Liar ‘Astounded’ You’d Say That #Refreshing! #CarlyFiorina

    Canadian company sells temporary tattoos that last 2 weeks | CTV Toronto News

    Tim McGraw Gives Away 36 Mortgage-Free Homes To Veterans

    Solidarity Fridge: A Sensible Solution to Food Waste | elephant journal

    Calgary Food banks sees big donation as Catelli drops off around 30,000 servings #Catelli #ThankYou!

    Boyan Slat Cleans Up the Ocean | Omeleto

    Shoes that grow ... pay it forward ♥

    The Brilliant Idea From Europe That Could Revolutionize Child Support

    Why Sugar Might Be the Solution to All That K-Cup Waste | TakePart

    Prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy killed

    DJ Invents Anti-Paparazzi Clothing That Ruins Photos

    Online retailer Modcloth has abided by the sentiment that "real is beautiful" for quite some time. The company has been praised for offering a broad range of sizes to its customers and pledging to stop photoshopping its models. Now, Modclot...

    The St. Louis Blues have assigned forward Ty Rattie to the Chicago Wolves.

    Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nenshi awarded World Mayor Prize