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Story of my life.

In your life...

keep your own life

a legit excuse

Rule #1

Black is the new black. Everyone knows that. #neonlights #interiordecor #rassphome

.I needed a good shake. So sorry.

I am!

perfectly said.

This poster is so true to me for example; three times in my life I lost my job. I was made redundant and each time it led to a better job. Then the panic attacks came and after changing my ways the panic attacks led to a better life. Although I thought life was tough at each of these times. Life was just saying Paul I've got something better for you. That's why I love and trust life. Paul Ianni

I like this...

Dennis Prager Goodness is about character - Quote


Speak boldly and with intellect ...Never hush your voice for someone's comfort. #quotes #words #sayings #inspiration

I Choose

#Quote #inspiration #thestylemansion

Be yourself. My life. -- I always leave and wonder if I came on too strong and talked too much or was to upbeat.

This is so true! My husband and I are about to begin our new journey as we head south to Florida next week! We are very excited!

so true