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Animal Human Hybrids, Transhumanism, and The Bible - Part 1

"He's right, there's something refreshingly humble about the New Aesthetics. 'Here's a thing,' it says, as so many of us do when we email or tweet or blog or Facebook a curiosity. Here's a weird thing a computer left behind. It's a good start."

Uploaded by copyrightculture on May 11, 2010 Copyright and Creativity in the Digital Age is the final digital film in the series. It explores the ways in which copyright affects the creative process of visual artists, musicians, and documentary filmmakers. The artists speak about the need for cultural commentary in documentary cinema and visual art as well as space for innovative music production in the current age of increasingly restrictive copyright laws

A Brief History of Transhumanism 3a

Tom Horn : Artificial Biology (Eugenics) Transgenics, Transhumanism 12.13.2011 by ResistNWOrder1 year ago7,558 views Tom Horn : Artificial Biology (Eugenics) Transgenics, Transhumanism One Cell

Transhumanism: Pushing “Rights” for Non-Human “Persons” -- When Peter Singer is involved you know that some humans will not be considered “persons” while some animals will be.

Investment meetings are an opportunity for investors to come together for an insightful discussion on the future of the business. The meeting allows investors to hear presentations from business leaders as to the future aspirations and goals of the...