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  • Alexa Foundas

    i warn michael every time he tries to tickle me. i don't laugh or think its funny; i get PISSED

  • Mary Gaston

    I often warn my friends about the bad things that happen to those who tickle me

  • Tia Maria

    This isn't even funny, this is the truth.. my family knows....never...never to tickle me!!

  • Kevin Thompson

    hmm so you tell me. #sex #quote #girl #boy #couple #love #tickle #tickles #play #injuries #funny #fun #quotes #responsible LOL!

  • Mari

    True story. Early in our marriage, we were goofing around and david started tickling me and didn't realize I was serious when I was telling him to stop so I slapped him. I was mortified but it was just a primal response to feeling trapped and helpless... Even though I was laughing the whole time.

  • LeShanna Bryan Jeardoe

    "If you tickle..." (So true for people like my daughter!) #tickle #injury #sign #poster #quote #saying

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