Cut off old sweater sleeve and use it as sock look-a-like without the bunchiness! Perfect for fall!

For all those ugly patterned leggings that are super cheap at the store... This is actually super smart #style #diy #leggings #boots

something to make: Cami Bands - can use to lengthen shirts or up top for shirts that are low-cut.

cut the arm of an old sweater and sew on buttons.

I love scarves.

Use a paper clip to turn a bra into a racerback, or to hide straps that keep poking out from sleeveless tops.

Ruffle Leg Warmers // 2 ways to wear them .. SO cUte!

DIY Boot Socks - BRILLIANT!!! go to a thrift store even, and just get a really cheap sweater, and viola!

This looks so incredibly comfy. I want one so bad, and I would buy it if it weren't so expensive...

How to make the most of your scarf!

tie a scarf...

sweater. scarf. boots.

Prev27 of 32Next 26. Scarf Tying Tip There are maybe hundreds of ways you could potentially tie a scarf, but let’s be honest, you only need a few of your favs.

tablecloth remake.

Makes some new leggings from an old sweater! Also includes a quick tutorial for a throw pillow made from the rest of the sweater! How cute.

DIY Beauty - keep heels moisturized and soft this summer during sandals/flip flop season. Leave on overnight.

Grey Long Sleeve Contrast Shaggy Sweater, from ♪ ♪ ... #:O :O inspiration #crochet #knit #diy GB

A bag from a sweater.

Leather leggings and open back sweater. So cute. <3