Mixer where kids pass a dollar bill

Hilarious game for Youth Group, our students and leaders had so much fun with this one.

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Teen group games

Over 20 *Family Friendly* Group Games ~ these are so fun for any party!! www.oneshetwoshe.com

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"lots of large group games"... might be able to make use of these games

Okay, next pin I saw was a Hunger Games one!!! Theirs was different though

Youth Group Game: Wrecking Ball.

get to know you game | question ball -- Would be great for a Youth Group game getting them involved in a topic of the night.

Youth Group Game: Stack It. The directions on the link are a variation on how we played last time. We gave three volunteers each a package of Oreos and set the clock for 60 seconds. When the time and music stopped, the person with the largest stack of Oreos on their forehead won.

Game: Clothespin Insanity. We played several variations over a couple of rounds. In this video the object was to clip your clothespin to someone, and not get any clipped on you. We set each round to music- when the music stops the round is over. Another variation had students starting out with 5 pins and stealing pins from others with the goal of having the most on you by the end. Have fun!

This site is full of group games for teens or adults. Directions how to play. For when we are youth leaders!

MARSHMELLOW BASEBALL. We use the XXL Marshmellows. It's a huge hit with our teens. No worries about hurting equipment.

AWESOME resource for a ton of fun youth group activities and games

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Youth Group Games

Worm Races - Fun Ninja Youth Group Games