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  • Maria Jones

    Travel bucket list Seaside Village, Isle of Crete, Greece

  • Moira Sullivan

    Seaside Village, Isle of Crete, Greece. (note from repinner-My dream vacation has always been to Greece. Anyone know if their upside down economy has affected visiting there? Regards, Moirasul Jan 2013)

  • Grace Buchloh

    Vow renewal Greek islands!! Seaside Village, Isle of Crete, Greece photo via orguanic

  • xiang

    Croatia - Elafits Islands: Dalmatia. Your new friends may or may not have fins. Bucket list

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Ancient Greek street. This looks like it was once a defensive wall, and now it's been opened as the city has expanded, so people can pass through from old city to new. I love that circular window.

Passageway to the Sea, Isle of Crete, Greece.

24HourPassport: Ancient Street Corner, Isle of Crete, Greece

The village of Loutro on the Greek island of Crete by Peace Correspondent, via Flickr

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bougainvillea, Isle of Crete, Greece. So pretty and must add to my list.

The Blue Palace, Isle of Crete, Greece

Wisteria Entrance, Isle of Crete, Greece

Bougainvillea, Isle of Crete, Greece