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Oh Tumblr, you so silly.

Screw you, cheerios

This is perfect.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 86 Pics


I feel wrong for pinning this... but it legit made me giggle for about an hour, soooo....

faces in places

Awesome friend


What to do when you’re bored…

Suddenly Salad! I don't know why I find this so funny..

My dog is JUST LIKE I envy her. All comfortable under her blanket and on her pillow as we speak!! What a b!*ch lol

Puns will get you good grades. | Community Post: History According To Tumblr



Now You Will Never Unsee the Fat Dragon

It DOES exist! !

America at war.


Dinosaurs come alive while the kids sleep.

These Tumblr posts are so funny! But it does make me wonder how many Tumblr users are on drugs when they post...

Sounds good :)

This is awesome!

No, it's a pine cone

"My friends dog has a battle with a leaf blower..."