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    I am a red head that has light skin. I have been using the wonderful 20X bronzing lotion for over a month and I have a tan. If this product can work for me... guarantee it will work for you. I have the best tan i have ever had to include the softest skin! $34.18

    Amazing! saw immediate results right after getting out of the tanning bed. The girl working there was amazed at how dark I was and how fast it worked on me (I am fair skinned). This lotion smells great too, it smells like ralph lauren perfume. And the lotion as a moisturizer is FANTASTIC. it feels silky smooth and is extremely moisturizing. I highly recommend this lotion to anyone who wants to be tan very fast and cares about the health of their skin as well. $40.42

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    self tanners for every skin tone

    My skin is dry and ashy, especially in the winter. I like this lotion because it is thick enough to be effective but is still spreadable (unlike the standard Eucerin cream, which I find harder to apply than ultra-thick vaseline!) It's on the higher end of the drugstore lotion brands, but not by too much. I try other brands, but I always come back to Eucerin calming creme.

    My favorite!!

    Designer Skin 2010 Skin Queen Tanning Lotion Majestic 16 Xvi Bronzing Blend Cream Oil Lotion, 13.5 Ounce ---

    I just jumped on the Korean skin care wagon - BIG. Here's a great graphic of how to put them to work. (Order from Momomango! Cute notes! Candy! Samples! Woohoo!)


    Smashbox 'Camera Ready' BB Cream SPF 35 (#Nordstrom #Beauty Awards Winner)

    This is the best self tanner ever...I worked for a Dermatologist and she introduced me to this and I love it!!! Tip...always use gloves to apply. Must get some so I don't have to go to tanning bed all the time

    submerge wet nails in cold water for 3 minutes. The polish will dry completely, and it gets rid of any that got onto your skin! This is life-changing

    I've struggled with my 4 year old's eczema for most of his life. My pediatrian finally recommended this lotion. After only a few aplications his skin is clear, softer and smoother then it has been ever. It absorbs quickly and leaves no stickness and has next to no fragrance so he doesn't mind being slathered up. I only use it after his bath a couple of times a week and his skin has stayed clear and smooth. $15.27

    The best lotion ever.

    Spritz yourself with something new- Check out these spring fragrances.

    Moroccan Oil - also in a Light version!

    I love this, i recently bought it from the tanning salon but will be ordering through amazon because its half the price. The first time i used it I fell in love with them smell and wheni got out of the tanning bed i didnt smell or feel gross like some of the other ones do. It worked the first time i used it! I realllly like it! I tan year round but was tanning more for a trip and this helped speed the process. $19.88

    I use this body serum two hours before get to the beach, the results are amazing. I get a beautiful color from it and receive lots of compliments on my tan all the time. My skin stays tan and moisturized.

    This sampler is absolutely wonderful and absolutely perfect after cutting one's nails. The Grapeseed Oil and Honey handcream is perhaps the best smelling cosmetic I've ever used, and the lemon butter cuticle cream feels wonderful. The portions are a little bit small, although they seem like they'd be excellent for traveling or an over-night slumber party. I've been using mine sparingly and they've laster the better part of a month. Price-considered, this is a wonderful product. $15.50

    Smashbox 'Studio Skin' 15 Hour Wear Foundation available at #Nordstrom...this stuff is amazing

    This lotion goes on warm and has a nice smell to it, and allows for a darker tan - so if you want to try a tanning lotion with a little kick and you don't want to pay full price for it at the salon, this is the one for you. $25