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    For #FridayThe13th here is the beautiful Buggles. Despite HIS unlucky start, he has brought nothing but smiles #cats

    Mr Kain being his usual elegant self #cats #caturday 

    We are not amused... #cats #caturday

    By rachelsstudio

    Pretty calico kitty

    Start the day right. Start the day with cuddles. #cats #caturday

    How?? Cat = huge, basket = tiny! #caturday #cats

    Comets are like cats. They have tails, and they do precisely what they want. ~ David Levy

    Clearly Sundays are for resting! #cats

    The Bleaklisted Books (A @FelineCentral Book) available for #review on @StoryCartel

    Fire Safety Tips For Your Pets – Infographic on www.bestinfograph...

    Free Crochet Patterns

    I sees you! #cats

    The one thing #cats do best: disdain

    Adorable Photographs Of A Kitten-zilla ‘Destroying’ A City

    Barnes and Noble: The Best Names from Literature to Give to Your Cat

    The biggest cat in our house will only play fight with the smallest one-eyed kitty. Not so tough now, mouse killer!

    Best British Cats:

    Happy Holidays! Enjoy a wonderfully restful few days - these guys are!

    Once upon a time this was my chair. Where am I sitting? On the cat stool! #cats

    Apps for cats? Why not! Read about some quirky technology in this fun article

    10 Cat T-Shirts I Want in My Closet

    Wherever I lay my cat... #catsongs #cats #caturday

    Highly sceptical about 'Paint for Cats', I was gobsmacked when my cats fell for it hook, line and sinker. They are now so hooked that I can't get the iPad out without one of them swiping at it! You have been warned...