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  • Alexandre Corre Corre

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  • Jette Kersjes

    In Devon and Cornwall, the green witch when harvesting her growing plants and their roots uses implements taken from nature. Mostly discarded antlers, horns or diggers formed from bones and tree wood. This is done as a part of her ritual when working with the spirit forces of nature. But as records show small hand sickles were used by the druids and other pre-Christian religions. So the Celtic-born witch makes use of a small hand sickle to cut and gather a range of sap - rich plants. Rather

  • Linda Aydlott

    The green witch harvests growing plants for ritual and healing use. Working with the spirit forces of nature is a sacred task. The witch uses a Boline, a crescent moon shaped blade to gather herb plants for healing and divination.

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Magick Ritual Sacred Tools: A Celtic sickle of solid bronze, with Celtic knotwork on both sides of blade. It can be made with or without pommel.

Mrs P. L. Matthews, 1935. Described as "Cornwall's oldest postwoman. Has walked 11,400 miles in 35 years."

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