• Sophia Durning

    Stone placemats - 12"X12" stone "tiles" from the home improvement store, and felt dots on the bottom to prevent scratching. Great idea!

  • Angie Runcorn Gross

    12x12 stone tiles from home improvement store, add felt to the bottom for inexpensive place mats or hot pads. Gorgeous! Love this idea!

  • April Brown

    LOVE this idea - 12x12 stone tiles from any home improvement store for a place mat. Or a few together in the center of the table as a table runner? I like this idea!

  • Matt Cleveland

    12x12 stone tiles from home improvement store. Add felt to the bottom. Wonder if these work as hotpads too?

  • Valerie Brazelton

    12x12 @Sara Mailhot stonetiles fromany homeimprovement store...fun ideLove!

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