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Save a tank, ride a soldier!

Things in perspective. Glad somebody made this, because all those silly teen posts annoy me. Our troops don't get enough recognition as it is and they have one of the hardest jobs out there and most do it without complaining. Thanks to the soldiers, sailors, marines, and air men!

Laughed WAY more than I should've :D

My parents wish they had this book!


OMG! Yes!!!

Mmmm... Potatoes...


Calvin & Hobbes 26 years later.

I confess: I've aimed for it.

People love to take advantage of any opportunity to demonstrate their own superiority.

25 Ways to Tell You're a Grown Up. Wow, I feel old.

Redheads are better! Buzzfeed article: 21 Reasons Why Being A Redhead Is Awesome

#Facepalm Not again...

All solutions are temporary.

And you can't make us.

One of my all time favorite movie quotes... every time the kids watch this, I laugh so hard on this line!

Jump in the pool they said...so funny