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Asher Monroe - He was in Fame and I just heard one of his latest songs and it was really good! What a cutie!

Matthew Gray Gubler. dear LORD can we all just talk about this picture right now...

I had the biggest crush on him when I was a kid :) and this pic reminds me how cute he is!! That smile!!!

There's something so irresistible about men carrying a/playing with a baby. Especially if it is just some random guy named Adam Levine. :3

This is a face I don't think any girl gets tired of looking at. I know I never do ♥ You can never have too much Tatum.

mila.... i reallly want my natural hair back now lol

No matter how weird this don't know how BADLY I want to touch his hair in this picture. #HarryAppreciationDay

I don't know what exactly is written on them, but I thought this looked pretty cool, andd it's The Wanted so... ♥

LOVE her.. I am pretty sure that I was her in a past life.. Yep, I'm just sure of it!