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Children  Potty Urinal Toilet training for boys pee.

If we have a little boy.Children Potty Urinal Toilet training for boys pee

$10 Kids remote control. Program in 7 channels and then give them control... great Christmas present!

Sony Universal Kids TV Remote Control (Green): program in 7 channels that they're allowed to watch. Such a great idea!

I need this for Gavyn.

Constructive Eating Plate & Utensils

Boy's Constructive Eating Utensil Set - Each eating utensil is a little construction vehicle - Fork Lift Fork, Bulldozer Pusher and Front Loader Spoon - The plate has little sections that are labeled for each utensil

Coolest Bathing Gadgets For Babies (15) 2

Baby bath water thermometer - I never even knew this existed. Nor did I know that this was a concern. Is there a special baby bath water temperature? This is why I don't have children.

This portable bed would be awesome for campingThat and it is supposed to be big enough to sleep a 6yr. old. Up to 49".

Top 10 baby gear buys

Maybe i can go to the beach this summer! For when you go to the lake/beach/anywhere! PeaPod Plus Baby Travel Bed.great from birth to age Keeps bugs out, blocks the wind and protects from UVA rays. - seen these in action at the beach and they rock

Ba Baby Bottle Holder. Just ordered one for Rory!

The Ba Baby Bottle Holder ~ The ba is a bottle accessory designed to assist infants and toddlers in building early independence and confidence when feeding. Its design allows for small hands to grab and hold bottles with ease.

30 something baby gadgets for new parents.

32 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

Bath organizer with padding for knees and elbows.Make your own. Good idea for a mom-to-be shower gift! Love this idea what a great shower gift this would make.

Shop cute and trendy dresses for your baby shower!

Shop cute and trendy maternity clothes at PinkBlush Maternity. We carry a wide selection of maternity maxi dresses, cute maternity tanks, and stylish maternity skinny jeans all at affordable prices.

Here's a way for installing a Baby Gate Without Drilling Into the Banisters...(this is a two sided banister staircase)

I had just told Marc we should use zipties!-Mary Installing a Baby Gate Without Drilling Into the Banister . Just cut the zip ties when finished! I've been wondering how I was going to put a gate up with a banister like that!

well... you cant hold your baby while you pee!!! who would of thought of this though

HOLY CRAP this is genius- a thingy so you can hang your baby on the restroom stall door while you pee. I must have one (when I have kids some day)!