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A few pooches are known lounge chair potatoes and sweet peas, while others are always progressing. With regards to puppies, the vast majorit.

The Pit Bull Prayer... everyone needs to see the show Pitbulls and Parolees... if you ever doubt a pit bull or the breed, this show will show you that even pits that get THE WORST outcome or are used to fight or as bait dogs can even be SO GRATEFUL to be rescued, and even the most unforgiving can be rehabilitated into community, loving, family dogs. Love Your Dog? Visit our website NOW!

The Pit Bull Prayer ♥ surely better than most people. What person would be able to forgive someone who hurt them? There would be no need to forgive if people weren't stupid and hurting them in the first place


Pitbull - and they are loyal and protective of their families. A pit, just like any other animal or even human, adapts to it's surroundings, and typically will act out from the way it or they have been raised/treated. It's not the breed, it's the


Funny pictures about Zen Corgi. Oh, and cool pics about Zen Corgi. Also, Zen Corgi photos.

I have a part-pit dog. Let me say, they are one of the best dogs a person could ever have.

I have three pits. Let me say, they are one of the best dogs a person could ever have.

Pit bulls and boxers have huge hearts! Great family dogs, very misunderstood. I miss my Truman.

Well put, Tater Tot. We do need to end BSL to save the lives of more dogs.

The expression.......

A portrait of the gruff looking, easily frightened, extremely loving Pit Bull, Omar.