• Melissa Gomez

    Literal Heaven- Chocolate Berry Cake

  • Paula Brown

    Guinness Cake | This little cake is from christmas, I thought it was about time I got around to posting it. For Christmas one year my boyfriend brought me the box set of Nigella's DVD's. So as my fairly newish tradition I like to watch her DVD's and flick through her cook books each Christmas, to gain inspiration for the christmas meal. This next recipe is adapted from her Guineas Chocolate Cake recipe that is in her Feast cookbook. | Via: littleboxbrownie.blogspot.com.au

  • Chantel Perez

    Guinness Chocolate -A little Piece of Heaven and it does looks heavenly! by Little Box Brownie #cake #chocolate #cherries #berries

  • Melissa Zayas

    Guinness cake with chocolate ganache and berries #dessert

  • Jana E

    Little Box Brownie: A little Piece of Heaven: Nigella Chocolate Guinness Cake

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