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 I love Wicked!

And if I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free. To those who ground me take a message back for me. Tell them how I am defying gravity

Musical theatre lessons!!!!

"Don't rule out being friends with someone who is completely different from you, because they may end up changing you for the better." -things musicals taught me However for those who don't love musicals like I do, they may not "get" this pin Lol!

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Things Musicals Taught Me~ Popular

My favorite part of the musical Wicked. Every time I toss my hair from now I on, I will "Toss, Toss" instead.it'll make me Popular.

Elphaba can make it work. Black and green....perfect!

It's really uh, sharp dontcha think? You know black is this year's pink! You deserve each other this hat and you.

"Well, we can't all come and go by bubble..." Elphaba in the musical Wicked (love that quote!)

"Well, we can't all come and go by bubble." Elphaba in the musical Wicked (love that quote!

Don't be offended by my frank analysis. Think of it as personality dialysis : )

For those of you wondering why there are so many Wicked pins.I just saw the show again this last weekend in Detroit.It was AH-MAZING (as always). Thats why so many Wicked pins : )

If i know you're coming, it will be clean.  If you drop in, you get what you get!

For the front door. And the back door. And all doors within. I must hang this in my house!