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Angels come to help and guide us in as many guises as there are people who need their assistance. Sometimes we see their ethereal, heavenly shadow, bright with light and radiance. Sometimes we only feel their nearness or hear their whisper. And sometimes they look no different from ourselves. - Eileen Elias Freeman

Kaida has this face. Just this innocent face, with different eyes and hair and everything. .but the face is nice

I have shoes like these but I never wear them cause people say they're weird. I shall wear them now always

【漫画教程】动漫萝莉发型的画法~~参考吧~,How to Draw Hair Women's Hair - , Art Student Resources for CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at , Art School Portfolio Work, Hair Styles, Girls, Drawing, Sketching

Can we possibly not love Japan/Anime/Otakus/ETC. hehe ^^

Cute anime girl. For some reason, she reminds me of Fire Emblem...

>///why world... Why did you make you her so damn cute!!!! XD

'How do I look?' Asked Larisa As she walked into the room. People stared and she wasn't sure if it was good or bad. A smile spread across Aramina's face..... 'amazing.' she said. Everyone else was smiling. Maybe, at last...