Jaws Game - capitalizing on the Spielberg film... You try and fish out junk from the mouth of the shark with a hook preventing his "Jaws" from snapping shut

Liz Claiborne perfume


8th toys and games

cap pistols!

latch hook

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Jabber Jaw. 70s Cartoons ruled. No respect ... Not even for a shark!

Jaws Game

Wacky Wall Walkers

Wow..I'd forgotten about this.

latch hook rug

Loved my Family Tree House!

Yes Milton Bradley still makes this game but I had to add it cause it was one of my favorite games as a kid!!

Pitfall Atari game.

Rock Em Sock Em Robots

Remember this game???

pee wees playhouse,

Simon was the "it" electronic game.

Hands Down game