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    This is so me

    Cleaning ADD. So me.


    Funny Ecards. For you Gene Schaffer... remember one time at a music practice when Becky asked you if you could hear better with your glasses on...LOL LOL LOL


    Sometimes, even I can't tell if I'm being sarcastic or if I'm really just a bitch.

    It's so true lol

    love it! hahahah Brittany Figlow coincidence? lol

    haha had this happen a time or ten lol

    True story


    Haha I always do the "hustle-up and clean" before company arrives. Even if it's just making the beds and dusting. I hate a messy house. I hate people to think I live in one even more.

    ..happens all the time

    All the time...

    So true!

    happens to me all the time!

    I can't even count how many times this has happened just this week!

    Sums up our relationship

    lololololol yep.