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    Am I stupid?... Because I can't figure this out

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    • Lindsey LaRue

      um. Mind blown. No This is why people should learn math in school. This person is an idiot. Why would you add part of the money you owe (the $1) to the total amount you owe (the $98)? Not mind blown, just adding random numbers together to trick more stupid people

    • Amy Palin

      I'm repinning this because it took me an embarrassing long time to figure it out. It was confusing! There is not missing dollar! The math is wrong, if you owe your parents each $49, that does equal $98 and then there is the dollar you kept so you have to subtract that from what you owe them and it's $97 which is the cost of the shirt! phew.

    • Joelene Harris

      I hate math, but this made me think of my brother who asks several people for money for one thing like a nutty expensive shirt.

    • Emma Art

      Honestly, this question stumped me so much that I had to google the answer...some people laugh that other people (like me) don't "get" math, as if I'm not trying hard enough, when in reality my mind does not think that way. Math hurts my brain; give me English exercises to do and history to study any day, though, and I'm fine...

    • Kirstyn Keranen

      This is just stupid.. If you buy a shirt for 97, but you only give back a dollar to each parent, you technically took 98 dollars, not 97. There's your missing dollar, asshole.

    • Monica Jodrey

      im too stupid to answer this... or maybe just lazy, but WHY WOULD YOU BUY A SHIRT FOR 97 dollars?? oh yeah, its a math problem. -_-

    • Secondhand Blu

      I hate this because they mislead and do the math incorrectly. $97 divided in half is $48.50. So you give them a dollar, and they have $49.50. $49.50+$49.50 is $99, plus your $1 = $100. There is no missing dollar. *sigh*

    • Mandy Lapierre-Villegas

      This just really annoys me. Really annoys me. Mind blown? i think not. This is in no way, shape, or form a math problem.

    • Verlene Knapp

      Where's The Missing Dollar? | Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos ...

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