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  • Ana Mena

    Templeque coconut custard dessert (Puerto rico )

  • Pamela Schorr

    Mami’s Tembleque ~ a coconut dessert pudding from Puerto Rico.

  • Gisela Delarias

    tembleque- vegan - puerto rican : I doubled the recipe but used coconut water instead of water (to total 8 cups instead of 10 of liquid) and used Thai coconut milk instead of goya, added 1/2 tsp real coconut extract and 1 small dash nutmeg and a handful of desiccated coconut. After cooking I added 1 1/2 oz Malibu coconut rum. Set it in a 9x13 pyrex pan and topped it with organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg and organic desiccated coconut. Results: Delish!

  • Skye Skoven

    Mami's Tembleque. Add your holiday dessert pins #NYTHoliday

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Tembleque. A Puerto Rican coconut custard dessert.

another pinner: Tembleque for recipe, this one connects to recipe, prior ones don't. 1 can cream of coconut (15oz.) 2 cups water 2/3 cup cornstarch 1 stick cinnamon 3 cloves 1 pinch of salt. mmm

Tembleque - Puerto Rican Coconut Dessert Recipe. mi abuela made this all the time and it makes me happy!!! :D☀Puerto Rico☀

Tembleque - Puerto Rican Coconut Desser

Tembleque! Coconuty, melt in your mouth Holiday goodness! This is a very simple recipe that works! Feliz Navidad!

Puerto Rican Tembleque Recipe - oh fucken god yes... I could eat this and Flan all day and never get tired of it.

Tembleque (Puerto Rican Style Coconut Pudding) from This is one of the recipes that remind me of my childhood. This pudding is a very common Puerto Rican dessert. To describe it I would say that is a creamy coconut pudding, topped with cinnamon and delicious.

Coquito is the greatest holiday drink of all time. Period.

TEMBLEQUÉ!! Puerto Rican Coconut Dessert gotta make this. Then bundt pan really brings this to another level.

Chocolate Coquito Recipe (Puerto Rican Coconut & Chocolate Eggnog)

Coconut-milk custard: 5 large eggs 3 tablespoons of honey 1 cup coconut milk (Natural Value brand) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla Options: add a little cinnamon or nutmeg during or after baking