Perfect parking

Just Little Things

this is so true...first thing I always want to do after being away for awhile, is to just crawl in my bed and sleep.

Just Little Things


Just about every single day of my life this happens..especially when I'm with my family and I can be as dorky as I want ;)

yes, yes, yes!

yes! makes me smile when going to sleep and you hit that bit of cool fabric...

...I absolutely love this!!!

awesome thing #312; one of the main reasons why I love to buy new clothes I have to admit

oh.. just the little things.

Things that make me feel good... just-the-little-things

the little things


a hug when you need one most

I love courteous drivers. If I'm nice to you and you don't give me the wave I get annoyed.

Yay, it's clean sheet day! :) #happiness #bliss #simple_things_in_life


Very happy!

And writing it down, or saying it aloud, right away so that it doesn't disappear again. #happiness #bliss #simple_things_in_life