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  • Cher Boynton

    Hemming pants (or anything, I think) easily. You don't lose the original hem, you sew right up to it. Easy-peasy.

  • Stephanie Williams

    This is an update of the original post, way cool. Hemming jeans to retain original factory hem.

  • Genevieve B

    Tutorial how to hem jeans and maintain the original factory hem!! I never hem pants because of that problem. And the laziness...

  • Shelby Lynn

    Hemming jeans to retain original factory hem. #sewing #DIY is it really this easy!! As a shorty, I need to learn how to do this..

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Easiest, most amazing way to hem your jeans while keeping the factory seam! May look odd close up, but when they're on--you can't tell AT ALL! Works best on thick demin (L.A. Idols turned out great); ok on very stretchy jeans (Lee). Be sure to sew RIGHT along the factory seam. You won't be able to see the thread after hemming. This is the best of all hemming tutorials I've seen on Pinterest.

hem jeans and still keep original hem!! This works great!!! Plus, lots of other great redo sewing ideas with lots of pics.

DIY: Hem your own pants WITH original hem - then take it out for more length later

A well-fitting pair of jeans is a find and sometimes they need to be hemmed and this is the right way to do it. Here's how to make your jeans last: www.chiconashoest...

Used this technique on a pair of jeans and it turned out fabulous. You cannot tell that there is a mock hem unless your eyes are less than a foot from the base of the jeans. So excited to have finally tried this. Took ten min. start to finish to shorten my jeans by 1 1/4"

How To Hem Jeans Tutorial This is such a quick and easy way to hem jeans! It is GREAT for kids jeans too….I’ll show you at the end but the hem can be undone so when they grow and need the length back..YOU HAVE IT! What you will need : Jeans Pins Sewing Machine

European hidden hem!! This is perfect for fixing my husbands jeans I hemmed "keeping the original hem" now they fray like crazy on the inside! This will fix it!! So excited!

To shorten jeans and keep the original hemming..ingenious! Did this today and will NEVER hem another way again!

How to Hem Jeans and Keep the Original Hem--EASY tutorial