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LOL!! Used to get scared at night using this! Thought the boogie man would get me!!

inside my out house

Outhouse or outdoor toilet - the john - the crapper - How Green Bay Made Wiping Our Butts Easier

Yes, we had an outhouse. A one seater, but Uncle Ernie's was a two seater. He also had calendar pictures of pinup girls on the wall with their skirts blowing in the wind.

Includes: a little outhouse history, outhouse bathroom accessories, decorating with outhouse bathroom decor, where to find, and nostalgic fun.

Nature calls: The original lavatory is in an old outhouse in the garden, and if you have an air raid shelter you've just got to have a gasmask ready for use - Ben keeps it in the hallway

Pictured: The man who loves living in the 1940s (outside loo and all!)

Notice tape on the window, to protect from bomb blast. Outhouse in brick.

The Proper Way to Construct a Latrine

The Proper Way to Construct a Latrine

crapper toilets - Google Search

Nasty pine Thunderbox but showing how you can use conventional loo underneath

Salle de bain vintage - Appartement 1D

Neutral Bathroom Floor using reclaimed terracotta tiles. Basin & mirror could be more modern and contrasted with other treatments

The "out house".....

The "out house".....

I remember one of these at grandma's house in the country.  (not a pleasant memory.....)

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