Flexible Small Groups Reading Folder Kit

Great organization 3 Teacher Chicks: reading workshop

Guided Reading Weekly Planning Guide -- this includes forms for classrooms with 4 or 5 reading groups. It's a one page document that enables you to have a week-at-a-glance planning guide for all of your guided reading groups. This has been a lifesaver in my organization and planning for guided reading this year! I don't know why I didn't make this form 7 years ago!

Great anecdotal checklist of Guided Reading strategies- easy to use and incorporates a *ton* of reader behaviors!

A cute Guided Reading Lesson Plan (includes before, during

FREE! Guided Reading notebook for all levels :)

FOR WORD WORKS... It's a file folder laptop! The kids write the words then practice "typing" them on their own laptop! :)

Guided Reading Checklist

organizing guided reading

Eye Lighter Guided Reading Strip Yellow ELT-Y On Book Page View

Going Paperless in the Classroom using Google Forms and Edmodo

This is a great idea for a poster to put up in your classroom to discuss with the students how to think when reading. It covers 6 ways to think while reading; summarize, question, connect, infer, visualize, and predict. I would make this poster and put it up in my classroom to help model thinking and guide my students thinking process while reading.

Guided Reading question cubes made from foam dollar store dice!

Reading Stations FREEBIE! Response sheets for Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listening, Writing, and Word Study. ENJOY!

I think this would be great to use during my intervention lessons with individual students or small groups.

This might work better in their writing folders...

Why Your Child Can't Skip Their 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight. Reading Infographic by April Greer, via Behance

Reading group or intervention game!

Free: Guided Reading "Snapshot" Assessment

Eye Lighter Guided Reading Strip Yellow ELT-Y On Book Page View

Every classroom library needs to have Reading Genre Posters! Each of these 10 FREE posters have pictures that correspond to the definition of each genre.