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in order of importance..because no one who is having a good cry in their drink is going to waste good lipstick on kissing the glass. elizabeth taylor

Flowers Say I'm Sorry. Chanel Says I've Learned My Lesson. Truth. Just a Tip for the Gentlemen. xx Dressed to Death xx #inspiration #quotes #fashion #style #blogger

So blessed to say I have that man in my life everyday, my bestfriend, my husband !!! I love you, Brent !!!!!

The best thing a woman can have is her shit together - sorry for 'the word,' but it's so true, I had to pin it.


I always knew looking back on the tears would make... - lovequotespics


Don't let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with. Don't let insecurity sabotage your faith. God heals and He NEVER makes MISTAKES!

I am working to remember this, and to do it. It's hard, but I want to be better, not bitter. Bitterness ruins everything.

He thought I was too good for him when we first met... He'd never met a girl like me before... But he has always deserved me...