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Before I die.

Painting the roses red. We're painting the roses red. Not pink. Not green. We're painting the roses red.

I did this once.

I would looooooove to smash some certain people in the face with a pie.just saying (I would also like to be smushed in the face with a pie)_

Go on a no-budget shopping spree in Forever 21!


Bucket list: go on a non-budget shopping spree in forever Yess!

So cool looking

Every time they've been visible in Ohio, I've been stuck in the city with a bunch of lights! Need to go to Alaska!

Maybe a new recipe every day. Could give food to homeless?

bake every single thing in a cookbook (maybe Julia Child's cookbook! Before I Die

My sis caught it and then threw it at me scared. Yup that's how my family works lol


Catch the bouquet at a wedding. At Hazels wedding on August 2012 I caught the bouquet. It just happened to be the night that Kyle asked me to move in with him to

Fun fun.

Always wanted to be on tv.small part in a movie would be awesome. Or a commercial.

the perfect bucket list., found on #polyvore. bucket list before i die #pictures perfect bucket list - I am blessed with two

My baby clock goes off all the time. I want me some kids BUT I thinks me wants to get half this list done before that time comes

Already have. Let's change this to--as many times as possible :)

Read all of the Harry Potter books. Well I'm going to read them soon. after the series I'm reading

kiss at the top of a ferris wheel

BUCKET LIST: kiss at the top of a ferris wheel I've only been on one wheel with my hubby before, and it was before we were married so he wouldn't kiss me at the top. We need to revisit the top of the wheel

ive always wanted one. hasnt happened yet =\

i've always wanted a surprise party thrown for me! (my birthday's in August hint hint)