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  • lindsay wenger

    the doc's had the resident and i over for dinner tonight... traditional african food in honor of the fact that all of us have spent time in africa. it was delish!! I miss ugali so much!!

  • Dorcas Byler

    Kenyan Recipes and the Cooking of Kenya | Whats4Eats

  • Chelsea McDonald

    Ugali and cabbage. something I might enjoy eating while in Africa. vegan and gluten free.

  • Wagga Wagga City Library

    Botswana cuisine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • CloudScope

    What Is Ugali? By Lamaro Schoenleber There are so many culinary secrets and delicacies in African cuisine still awaiting general discovery. Indeed, African cuisine could be said to be the last frontier in world cuisine. One such open culinary secret is Ugali.

  • Amber Hodges

    Kenyan Food For Dewy

  • Beverly Vaugh

    Ugali Recipe - a thick Ugandan porridge made of white cornmeal, cooked like a thick polenta

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É um tradicional prato de semolina (minúsculos grãos de trigo duro), que é cozido a vapor. É tradicionalmente servido com um cozido de carne ou vegetais. Cuscuz é um alimento básico em toda a culinária do Norte Africano de Marrocos, Argélia, Tunísia, Mauritânia e Líbia.

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