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obsessed with chevron. this duvet at the end of my all-white bed as a pop of color...maybe ill throw in a couple bright patterned small pillows as well.

I saw this Le Poeme indoor/outdoor rug. The elegant poem rug design was created with words from famed 17th century French fabulist, Jean de La Fontaine. La Cigale et La Fourmi tells the story of an industrious ant, a carefree cricket and the end of summer. Inspired by the fables of Aesop, La Fontaine wrote volumes of simple poems using animals to teach real-life lessons.

Nuloom Chevron Rug 3'11

Festival Rug, love Anthro crewel rugs...although they do seem impractical. . This would make a great replacement for the powder-room rug that I tried to wash (and ruined).

Anthropologie Mantadia rug (I picture this in a sun room with a leggy Victorian settee upholstered in a light-colored, linen-y fabric, and tons of potted orchids and bromeliads.)

What I love about this entry is the juxtaposition of the formal architecture with the more casual feel of a kilim rug and a modern fixture

Home improvement stores like Home Depot can cut a large section of carpet of any size and have it finished for you. The end result looks like a designer rug but for half the price. Also, these types of rugs look great layered.

I am not good at decorating on my own, but sometimes I see things that make my heart feel nice and warm. This room is one of those. For some reason I can imagine that right outside that door is the beautiful ocean where I can surf with my family all day.

Rizzy Anna Redmond Pattern Rug