Grassy patio

Have already started this- just not sure what to plant between squares. something that doesn't take allot of water and okay with strong sun

landscaping with pavers | pavers landscaping. Love, love, love, the use of Mondo Grass!!!! It is like walking on plush carpet.

15 Easy DIY Projects to Make Your Backyard Awesome • A great roundup that has tons of Ideas and Tutorials for you! Hanging globe lights make for magical summer nights!

nice paving merging with grass

Grass Grout: For a Wonderlandish back yard... just add red roses, some topiaries, and of course a white porcelain rabbit.

small yard/patio

Love these pavers, trying to locate local vender now

Back yard mix of stepping stones and gravel = no need for sprinklers

Bottle Bush: A Small Bottle Tree | Yard Art | Gardener's Supply

By cutting willow branches and planting them, you can form them into structures and they keep on living.

backyard pavers

A great friend and family gathering spot.

This actual fire pit seems kinda small, but when I get settled into my new house, I'd love to have an outdoor fire place, either permanently built in, or more likely, one that I can place where I want when needed. Then I'll surround it with very sturdy Adirondack chairs like this, that can be moved closer or further from the fire as needed...

backyard garden

A Modern Williamsburg Backyard Roof Garden @Chris Phillips


Coat planters with glow-in-the-dark paint for instant night lighting. | 51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

Small yard -

backyard decor

Great backyard!